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Lawn & Landscape
Our names are Grant and Natalie Fairley.  We are the Co-Founders of KW Lawn & landscape 
We still are trying to figure out who's gonna be the President and who's gonna be the CEO.
Our first instinct was to flip a coin  but then  I " Grant " realized, A happy wife means is a happy life.

So yes, I'm now the CEO...
the young age of 10, our owner/ceo, grant fairley started pushing a lawn mower around his local neighborhood community in Coquitlam B.C. for extra money; Now, more than 20 years later, he has developed his experience into one of the ontarios finest landscape design/build firms. With his educational background in (Engineering thing to work ) and strong ties to sports (83 Team Captain –Coquitlam Adanacs lacrosse (BCJALL) – 3rd Round Draft pick of the (BCJALL) westminster salmonbelliess unfortunately grant 5.6" sustained a knee injury that required surgery putting him out of (BCJALL) for good, one can see why grant has developed such a “Unique” company.

From a young age, grant has developed his customer service skills, attention to detail, and desire to challenge himself on every difficult project.

In his almost 20 years as a resident, he has developed into a company and quickly become one of the only companies in kitchener ont to work on all aspects of outdoor construction, from hardscape, grass cutting to patios!
The ontario landscape division was the first introduced to the city in kitchener.  with a vision to become the best in his field, a strong desire to support his family, and his own two hands. It wasn’t uncommon to see him at jobsites working alongside his crews, building a rock waterfall, or setting up a kitchener homeshow display. It’s this experience that has taught him the “right” way to build each project – and also allowed him to gain the leadership skills to help his staff develop into experts in their individual fields (masonry, irrigation, lighting, etc…)

So much has gone into developing this small company into what it is today. It wasn’t uncommon for Grant to take industry standard items, and put his engineering background to work and make it better! Check out just some of the things that “separate” us from other companies.  Not all companies are equal,
in fact – we bet we can explain why using kw lawn inc over the average landscape company can get you a better quality project, and save you money over years to come. Our attitude of “do it right” instead of “do it cheap” has quickly earned us top honors among our peers. From 1st place – 2007 grass cutting Competition (toronto Homeshow) to #1 Ranked Landscape Company in ont for customer service (kw lawn inc)  continues to be ranked at the top!

Grant is still extremely active on a daily basis with kw lawn inc. He finds himself looking over the entire sales & design division – where he can monitor all new landscape and hardscape designs, making sure they are “buildable” and “properly designed to last”. Although he has a fulltime office staff, he’s very active in office tasks, accounting decisions, and even warranty assignments. In fact, it’s a good bet that you can find a full toolbox & equipment in the back of his truck for quick and easy jobsite repairs! Now that’s service!

Finally, Mr. fairley heads & oversees the construction & installation crews – and he’s personally trained most of them! “I’m proud to say that I don’t think that I can ask someone in my company to do something that I haven’t done or experienced myself – I’ve done just about everything with my two hands, from lay block, finish concrete, file accounting papers and manage email accounts. It’s nice to know exactly what each one of my team members is dealing with on a daily basis, as it helps me to understand and manage better.” Claims grant, President of  KW lawn inc. LLC.